Student Experience

Past Students employed in industry

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Their experience with IE, and how IE has helped in their now professional careers.

“I’m working on a new app ‘Parcel Send’ – very cool and lots of fun. I’ve done everything from requirements gathering to design and testing. It’s funny that all the things we learnt in IE about the ‘real world’ have been so very true. So far sitting in meetings and talking to people and the type of work we are doing – wow – IE has helped so much!”

IE Graduate, 2019

“The IE project encourages us to work with people we’ve never met before, from differing backgrounds and experiences. This means that international students have the opportunity to gain exposure to an Australian working environment, and the Australian students have the opportunity to work with students from different cultures.”

IE Graduate, 2018

Student quotes of their experience

These student quotes are from many documented exit interviews that we hold with each student at the end of the program

“I have so much confidence now. I can tackle anything. I know I think one of the main takeaways I want to keep from this unit is the importance of passion for what you are doing. Working with both the client and mentors I started to see what infectious passion is. In future I want to try and lead and guide as well as apply myself In a way that proves I like what I’m doing. A big part of that comes from finding the correct job for you and this unit has helped me to realise that working as business analyst, my future job direction, is fun to me. The problem solving and collaboration keeps me going and motivated. This unit has been a lot of fun, as well as stress, but very enjoyable and is certainly one of the best ran units I’ve done”.

IE Student, 2021

“A whole semester passed in a blink of an eye. The Industry experience learning of the whole year gave me a full understanding of the workplace. This is not only a unit but also a one-year internship. This unit allowed me to make many friends. We communicated together and made progress together. The IE Unit experience gave me a lot of things that I couldn’t experience in class. It simulates how real companies and real project teams work, how to cooperate with each other, and how to achieve success. To grasp the moment, learn more, practise more. Let yourself be able to develop and change society in the future.”

IE Student, 2021

“Looking back at the unit as a whole I realise how useful and important it was to apply myself. The unit not only taught me how to manage myself but most importantly for me, gave me the reassurance that all my years of university has endowed me with the skills needed to succeed in my IT career.”

IE Student, 2021

“Through taking these units and in developing a system with a team, I think was able to gain more confidence in myself and abilities. It allowed me to experience more parts of IT that I hadn’t encountered before and brought together my understanding of projects and previous theory I learnt.”.

IE Student, 2021

“The industry experience unit has been a very steep learning curve for my team and myself. As a team I am can certainly say that we have grown extensively as professionals, learned a lot about ourselves and each other. A key take away for this unit was how we improved our teamwork throughout the year. There were a lot of ups and downs during this project, and I believe what this unit has done well was to allow us to experience these issues firsthand and figure out solutions for ourselves. It is easy to just teach the theory, how to include tools and programs to enhance cooperation however, issues revolving around teamwork are not always black and white. Unlike other units where the team really only interacts for a couple of weeks and depart ways so resolving the team issues are not seen as important compared to this unit. Every team is different and there is no one method which will fit all and there isn’t a single tool which can be utilised in every situation. Understanding the situation and being able to read signs of issues before they occur, in my opinion is more useful than knowing 100 tools and methods.”

IE Student, 2021

“I just want to say thanks to all the teaching staff for running this unit and all the support. FIT3047 and FIT3048 are the most useful units I have taken in my university studies and I learned a lot during this process, also I have more confidence with my future career. the best units ever!”

IE Student, 2021