Student Experience

Interviews of previous students

Their experience with IE, and what they getting from working with clients like you

Past Students employed in industry

“I’m working on a new app ‘Parcel Send’ – very cool and lots of fun. I’ve done everything from requirements gathering to design and testing. It’s funny that all the things we learnt in IE about the ‘real world’ have been so very true. So far sitting in meetings and talking to people and the type of work we are doing – wow – IE has helped so much!”

IE Graduate, 2019

“The IE project encourages us to work with people we’ve never met before, from differing backgrounds and experiences. This means that international students have the opportunity to gain exposure to an Australian working environment, and the Australian students have the opportunity to work with students from different cultures.”

IE Graduate, 2018

Student quotes of their experience

These student quotes are from many documented exit interviews that we hold with each student at the end of the program

“I have so much confidence now. I can tackle anything. I know I can do more than is expected of me, I know that I can think creatively and innovatively and this will be a positive influence in me getting a job with a future employer.”

IE Student, 2017

“I enjoyed IE project this semester, a very special experience for me. I don’t have previous work experience, and now I am about to graduate, and we are going to find jobs so it will be real. This provides us with many working skills. Thanks for the wonderful experience, most important part of Monash I have been through.”

IE Student, 2018

“One of the most important factors was the teamwork. We were all from different backgrounds culturally with different skill sets. We learned how to communicate with each other. The best semester I have had.”

IE Student, 2019

“My own personal weak spot because of my own character, I tend to ignore working in teams. I have learnt a lot during this semester about communication, handling disagreements and about respect. I think this unit is great. It will improve my career and my job prospects.”

IE Student, 2019

“This unit was a successful project learning experience for me. I learnt that it is essential for you to have not only a positive ‘I can’ attitude, but also the ‘I enjoy’ feeling. Only then will you want to undertake new projects and solve new problems; and without realizing it, you will voluntarily continue to learn throughout a lifetime.”

IE Student, 2019

“I just want to say thanks to all the teaching staff for running this unit and all the support. FIT3047 and FIT3048 are the most useful units I have taken in my university studies and I learned a lot during this process, also I have more confidence with my future career.”

IE Student, 2021